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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Taking a Breather

Mr. Honey (who says the name is appropriate since he's so sweet) mentioned that I hadn't updated this blog in a couple days. So I figured I'd fill you in on my week.

Since I wrote so darn much in October, I gave myself a week off of writing as a breather. I planned to do a little editing and start reading up on query letters and synopses. Instead, I'm not sure what I did this past week. Wow. A whole week of my life has just disappeared. Interesting.

I sent Alter Ego off to a few of the AG's this week for comments. Thanks, AG's! :)

I made dinner a couple nights. I think I did, anyway. Can't quite remember.

I had Mr. Honey pick up Chinese food last night when he was on his way home from running errands and getting a new bike.

I cleaned my bathrooms. Holidays are coming, you know. That means guests. Gotta keep the house clean.

I think that's all. If I'm lucky, this week will be more memorable.

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