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Friday, June 30, 2006


I got home yesterday and found our front door wide open. Usually this means Mr. Honey has gotten home before me. But his car wasn't in the driveway, and it wasn't in the carport, and it wasn't on the street. So I assumed that either Mr. Honey had been forced to park somewhere far away for some strange reason, or he'd run out for just a minute and left the door open. We do that sometimes because we live in just about the safest neighborhood you can find and still have neighbors.

So I parked my car in the carport, went inside, and hollered a greeting to Mr. Honey. When he didn't answer, I went looking. Mr. Honey was nowhere to be found. So I went with the theory that he'd run out for a quick errand and would be home shortly, and I settled into my nightly routine. Five or ten minutes later, Mr. Honey got home. It took me half a second to realize he'd just gotten home from work. So I asked if he'd been home a little bit ago and run back out. He got this weird look on his face and said no. So then I asked if he'd come home for lunch. He looked at me kinda funnier and said no again.

I told him the door was open when I got home from work. You know the routine: Stand feet shoulder-width apart, plant fists on hips, cock the head, and give him "The Look" that relays the message that He Screwed Up. (Even if we do live in a safe neighborhood, we don't leave the door open all day long.) And then it dawns on me. He left for work half an hour before I did this morning.

So I retract my accusatory stance, stare down at my feet, and say meekly, "Uh, mumble mumble mumble?"

And he says, with head cocked and injured look on his face, "Yes, you were the last one to leave the house this morning."

So I say, "Mumble mumble mumble."

And since he's the bigger person, he forgave me.

Let's hope today I pay attention when I leave the house.

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Out of Breath

Today's a great day. :) Summer weather is rolling in, which means *fingers crossed* we'll start getting afternoon thunderstorms soon. The mini rose bush Mr. Honey gave me for my office a couple weeks ago is sprouting new leaves. We're packing tonight for a trip to the beach this weekend. And it's a 4-day weekend too. Life is good.

Now, onto my point today. Yesterday I sat in a meeting that entailed a presentation on the upgrades to a system I use at work. No kidding, the guy giving the presentation talked for a straight 150 minutes. That's two and a half hours. And I suspect he could've talked longer, had he been training us on the entire system, not just the upgraded parts. That's a lot of talking. A ton of knowledge about a single database program. So I started thinking about what I know enough about to talk about it for over two hours straight. And I couldn't come up with anything.

Is it a personality thing, or is it a knowledge thing? Do some people just go into more detail about things than I would in the same situation? Say you have a box sitting on the table that you want to tell someone about. Do you say, "Hey, there's a box on the table, go take a look," or do you go into a lot of detail? "Tommy put this box on the table when he got in from walking the dog this morning. He said the neighborlady was out watering her roses and told him to wait while she went inside to get it. Then it took her a lot longer than he expected, so he was afraid he'd miss the bus for school, but she finally made it out on time and gave it to him. He said it's not too heavy but she was adamant that he be careful with it. Now, since Sue called last night and told me the neighbor had the box for us, I know all that's in it is a bunch of old pictures, but it was good of Tommy to be careful with it anyway. I'm glad the dog didn't get too excited about the neighbor lady though. You know how he is sometimes. Anyway, when you get a chance, take a look through the box. We need to sort the pictures and divide them up among everyone who was at the picnic last week. When you're done, move it into the office so it's out of the way when I make dinner tonight. I'll go through the pictures you weren't sure of and decide what to do wtih them. Maybe Sue and I will get together for a scrapbook party, yada yada yada..." Jeez, some people can talk. Okay, so maybe I could talk for hours on end, given the right subject.

But then there's the second problem, which is that I talk fast. So even if someone else could drone on for hours about something, that doesn't mean it would take me that long to relay the whole entire message.

So anyway, that's my thought for the day. People talk different. Profound, eh? Bet you're glad you read to the end for that astonishing revelation.

In other news, I had a dream last night that I was crouching in a bathtub, hiding from someone, but I can't remember from who. And I think I had a magical flying book that could sometimes fly me into other parts of the house, but not when I was hiding in the bathtub. And I forgot my dream book at home, so I have no idea what it means. Anybody want to make something up about it?

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Brain palpitations

Sunday afternoon, Mr. Honey took me to the new Greek restaurant in town for lunch. You know what that means? Baklava. Although no baklava will ever be better, in my opinion, than the baklava at the Hip Pocket Deli in Pensacola, FL, this baklava was pretty darn good. I was a bit disappointed when I found out the special chocolate-walnut-almond baklava was gone, but that's just an excuse to go back later.

After Mr. Honey ate wa-ay too much food, and I ate just enough, we got four pieces of baklava. And after sharing all four pieces, I looked at Mr. Honey and said, "I think my brain has the sugar jitters."

Seriously, talk about a sugar buzz! There was so much sugar in that baklava, it makes old-fashioned southern sweet tea seem bitter. Chocolate tastes bland. All those fresh, sweet peaches I canned Sunday might as well have been potatoes. I've never had sugar zing my brain like that before. It was fun. Especially once we got in the car to finish running our errands. I had this strange sensation that Mr. Honey had put the car in gear before I even got in it! Oh, no, wait, he actually did that. He told me he was going to leave without me, and he tried to (joking, of course). But with the brain buzz he had going on from the over-sugared baklava, he failed to anticipate my lightning-quick reflexes. That's what all the sugar-training I've done all my life was for. Now he's regretting that lack of a sweet tooth he has. If he'd been training all his life like me, he really could've left me in the dust back at that Greek restaurant. Good thing he didn't, though. He would've had to go to the other Greek restaurant for all his baklava needs. Oh, no, wait. We live in podunk-ville. There isn't another greek restaurant. Smart man, that Mr. Honey.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Peached Out

It's Monday again, which means I survived the weekend. *snort* Okay, so it really means I've got another week to get through before the next weekend, but it's looking like it'll be a fabulous weekend, topped off by only having a 3-day work week next week. That's something to cheer about.

I started my weekend in a bottle of wine, and ended it with peach gunk in places I didn't even think possible. The middle's kind of a relaxed, dazed-out blur, as is appropriate for a Saturday that includes such memorable events as watching Old School (nearly forgot the name of that one for a minute there) and Elektra, along with 4.5 episodes of Battlestar Galactica with Mr. Honey and some neighbor-friends.

First the wine on Friday night. Mr. Honey and I had a cookout with neighbors that we don't hang out with nearly enough. I made a blueberry crisp. Mr. Honey made homemade ice cream. The neighbors made fabulous mashed potatoes, incredible frozen mozzerella bread, and salad fixings that Mr. Honey put together for me. (Salads and sandwiches are two items this domestic goddess cannot make. Long story.) We grilled steak and drank wine. A lot of wine. I found out I'm a loud drunk. And I talk really fast when I'm drunk, too. So fast, and so much, in fact, that the people around me feel the need to take a couple extra breaths since I don't seem to be doing that myself. But it was fun, and I've officially earned the title of "Intergalactic Princess" in the neighborhood now. (Mr. Honey does not find this nearly as amusing as I, but I must say, if I'm going to get drunk with people, it's fun to be drunk with people who don't read my blog and therefore don't know about the whole intergalactic princess dream.)

Then with the peaches yesterday. They weren't ripe enough for my standards until yesterday, which is part of the reason I didn't do anything with them on Saturday. Well, that and the fact that I felt like a lazy bum and just didn't want to do it on Saturday. So it was actually convenient that they weren't ripe enough until yesterday.

The peach canning commenced about 10 AM. All in all, I have 25 peaches left out of a box of 25 pounds of peaches. Most of those are now in the form of peach jam, and a couple were pureed with some almond extract and cinnamon, and just a tad bit of sugar to taste, and made into peach butter. Mr. Honey took me out to lunch between batches of peaches, where I discovered I'd smeared sticky stuff next to my eye. Last night when I'd retired my peach-jamming supplies for the evening, I discovered jam in my hair. But never fear - the modern miracle of indoor plumbing means I'm clean and peach-free this morning. Er, you know what I mean.

Happy Monday!

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Just Peachy

It's peach season here in the deep south, and I'm LOVING it. The grocery store is stocked with fresh, ripe, ready-to-eat peaches, and I've got that Dead Presidents song running through my head.

Millions of Peaches, Peaches for Me
Millions of Peaches, Peaches for Free.

I've decided the only time it rains here is when I go out with friends. Three weeks ago my neighbor and I went out to Moe's for dinner, followed by Cold Stone Creamery for dessert, and it just poured. First time in weeks we'd had rain. It's been dry as a raindrop's idea of hell since then. Until last night, when I picked up a friend to run out to the peach packing plant, that is. Talk about a show - Mother Nature provided a constant drum beat with the thunder while she used her lightning pointer to demonstrate areas in danger.

Peaches come In a Can
They were put There By a Man
In a factory Downtown

The peach packing plant is cool. My geek personality, Maud, salivates at the thought of being around all the peach sorting machinery. She's a lean, mean, machinery-programming machine, and she's been deprived for nearly four years. But she gets to consult with me on my geek characters, and she seems to be satisfied with that for now.

Movin' to the Country
Gonna eat a lot of Peaches

Every summer, I make peach jam, peach butter, and peaches in syrup, and then give them to family and friends for Christmas. It's that time of the year again, and this weekend is all about the peaches. So I picked up my 25-lb box of peaches last night, along with a bag of white flesh peaches and a bag of cinnamon-toasted pecans for Mr. Honey. I'd never heard of white peaches before moving down south, and I've never had one that was perfectly ripe. But that's about to change. Despite the dry conditions in the area, the peaches this summer seem sweeter than I remember last year. And I have a bag full of white peaches that will all be ripe in about 2 days. I can't wait.

Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!

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Thursday, June 22, 2006


I'm making progress on my new WIP, spurred on by a challenge issued at the Alphabet Girls. So that means more time living in my head and less time making weird observations about the habits of winged things and mushroom heads. At least, that's how I feel today. So I figured I'd share with you some things I've found moderately entertaining over the past couple days.

First up: House Plans
I've got this itch to paint my walls yellow, but Mr. Honey and I have a move coming up in about a year. No reason to paint walls now when I'd just have to re-do them before the big move. So I'll satisfy my cravings with looking at different types of houses. (Plus it's good for research)

Next: Lunar Year spurs Wedding Boom in Korea
Who knew it was a great year to get married? Better hurry - next year's no good, with year of the widow coming up next. Huh... I better warn Mr. Honey's best man, who just got engaged over the weekend.

Are you kidding me?: Stealing isn't stealing when it comes to office supplies, according to Generation Y
Some time back, I worked for a company that would buy donuts for business meetings with people from outside the company. Normal procedure, right? Okay, so it's maybe not as prolific as it used to be, but it happens. At this place I worked, there just happened to be a man in management considered by many to be "stingy" because he didn't like that practice. When he left the company, the new rule was, if visitors got donuts, so did everyone in the building. That's great. Except I'd rather see a profit sharing check in my bank account than 10 extra pounds on my hips. Just my opinion.

Well, whaddya know?: New York named Friendliest City
I'll be darned. That's all I've got to say about that.

And finally: Fashion Kills, and Fashion Kills Again
I may be a mushroom head who doesn't know the right season for linen and can't tell the difference between a Manolo and a Nine West, but at least I'm comfortable. I heart my pajama pants and sneakers.

What've you spied recently?

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


While I was visiting family a couple weeks ago, my mom and I made a mad dash into Bath & Body Works to check out their semi-annual sale. It's been a while since I've shopped there, since I think $2.50/bottle grocery store soap gets me just as clean as the Bath & Body Works $9 shower gel, although I will admit my scent selections are a bit limited at the grocery store. But at the semi-annual sale, all the shower gels were $3 a bottle, including that nice fragrant cotton blossom scent that I got for Christmas and just fell in love with two months later. Of course they're discontinuing that scent, so I stocked up. And then I flew home with a half-dozen bottles of shower gel, among other things.

Along with my receipt in the store came a coupon for the new B&BW shampoo and conditioner coming out in July. It's special - it "volumizes" your hair.

Now I ask you, if you'd been called "Mushroom Head" recently, would you need "volumizing" shampoo and conditioner? I realize I'm the minority here, but my hair is thick and volumed enough as it is, than you very much. The only reason I would ever redeem my coupon for a free bottle would be to take pictures of just how god-awful big my hair could get, were I to try and make it any floofier than it already is. Maybe I'll go pick up a bottle anywy. See if I can make my hair stand up.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Where the Winged Things Are

A few weeks back I had an unfortunate incident with a bird assaulting my vehicle. Sadly, only my vehicle lived to tell the tale. Then soon after, bugs began ramming their heads into my windows at work. Now we're back to the birds.

Over the weekend, I took down two of my hanging baskets to remove some of the dead leaves. In one basket, I found two nests. In one of the nests were three eggs, about the size of cadbury mini eggs. I'd known there was a bird in my basket earlier in the year, but Mr. Honey convinced me it was okay to water the baskets because birds get rained on all the time, so why shouldn't they get watered with the flowers? Besides, if the flowers die, what kind of protection would the nests have from the heat and other winged things? Well, that bird took off, but it appears since I rehung the baskets this weekend that I've gained a second bird. Or maybe this bird owns the second nest with the eggs in it. Not entirely sure. But even though I switched the locations of the baskets, thinking the eggs were already goners, there's a bird that flies out of the basket everytime I enter or exit my house, or pull up in my driveway.

So the question of the day is... Will there be baby birdies in Honey's hanging baskets, or did a lonely bird just find a new nest to call home?

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Value of Anonymity

This may sound ironic, coming from someone who doesn't confess to her real name on this blog, but some anonymous commenters on various other blogs irritate me. My alter ego just disabled anonymous comments on her blog when some Mr./Ms. "Rain On Your Parade" Anonymous chose to repeatedly leave comments, but not a real identity, or even a name, disparaging something my alter ego chose to do recently, because of this Anonymous's animosity towards the organization my alter ego chose to "associate" with. Even got high and mighty with, "I see you deleted my last anonymous comment. Too bad. They really are a bad organization. Go here to see for yourself." Oooh, they so told me. I bet they stuck their thumbs in their ears, wagged their fingers, and stuck out their tongue while they did it, too.

Here's my question: why do people anonymously leave negative comments? If you're cold-hearted/mean-spirited/envious/snarky/disrespectful enough to write it, why not sign it? My alter ego's point in posting what she did wasn't to say, "Hey, look, I'm a good person," it was to showcase a related event in her life. And now someone without the balls to even sign their name has attempted to taint that event. For what point? To prove that the anonymouses of the world know better than those of us with an identity?

Sure, I may be "anonymous" myself, but at least I'm willing to showcase in my blog here who I am by sharing events and feelings in my life, to let you decide for yourself what kind of person I am, whether you like me or not. I'm anonymous in name only. I'm not anonymous in spirit.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Well, if that don't beat all...

As you may or may not recall, I forecast the apocolypse a few months back when I got my own cell phone. My baby sister, Mini-Me, had her own cell phone at age 14 before I got my own cell phone at 27. And I liked it that way. But that's not the point.

Since getting my new cell phone, about every other week I get a call from an "Unknown" number. I let my voicemail take it nine times out of ten, as I'm not interested in speaking personally with anyone unwilling to identify themselves, especially when it's my minutes that I'm paying for on my cell phone. So, the call goes to voicemail, and I get this fun, fascinating message: "This is not a sales call. It's very important that we speak with you. Please call us at blah, blah, blah..."

Now, I was starting to get agitated. Every other week, I'm getting phone calls requesting that I call this number. Even if I picked up, it would be an operator asking that I stay on the line for an important message and/or a business opportunity. So I was thinking, you know, I oughta just call these people back, tell 'em nicely (or not so nicely, depending on my mood) to take my number off their list, maybe after listening to their sales pitch for half an hour or more, just tying up their phone lines. And then I was thinking, wouldn't it be fun to invite all my friends to inundate this stinking number with phone calls and hope I'd have enough friends that thought it was fun, that we could physically cause a problem in tying up their phone system? I could've been the next internet virus, with everyone linking to my blog to get the number to have some fun at a devious (and illegally-practicing) telemarketer's expense.

So today I got another phone call. And I ignored it when it came in, fully intending to come home tonight, call the number in the message back, and start my little game. Except this time instead of an awkward, pre-recorded woman, I got a more forceful pre-recorded man. And the forceful male pre-recording identified the company. And gave me a good idea why I keep getting these messages.

So I called the number back, not completely sure that I was correct in my assumption, but when a live person answered after only 35 seconds, and I explained that I was tired of getting messages to call this number, and she asked if I was person X, and I told her I wasn't, the nice operator told me she'd remove the number, and I won't be getting any more calls. Even apologized for my inconvenience.

It would appear that the collections agency needs to get in touch with the person who had the number before me. Whoops.

Could've been worse. They really could've been looking for me.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

All Hail the Great Water Bottle

It's been dry around here lately. Really dry. Like, so dry that when I walk outside with wet hair, the surrounding atmosphere instantly evaporates the water molecules out of my hair, leaving me with an unfortunate case of light-socket hair. Well, okay, it's not that bad, but it is really dry. And I am still getting used to my short hair, which is much floofier than my long hair was.

Since it's been so very dry, I was most excited when my water bottle talked to me again today. You may remember the last time it talked to me, except that was a different water bottle. And I think the message was different last time. This time, it was very clear that the water bottle was saying, "Save me! Saa-aaave me! The air is trying to evaporate me from within my safe nesting place! Ack!" And so the gods of the water bottle sent rain to save my talking water bottle. And life was good. And I didn't have to do the funky monkey rain dance (or call Mother Nature a wuss and get Mr. Honey soaked in the process, though he did have to drive a long time in the rain today) to make it happen.

Ahhhh. Smell that? That's the smell of fresh-fallen rain and pollen that's been knocked off its high horse so it can't tease my nose as much today. Hooray for talking water bottles.

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Intergalactic Princess's Nose Explodes

I had the coolest dream last night. I was chosen to be one of 12 intergalactic princesses. Actually, there might have been some intergalactic princes in there with us, too, but I can't remember clearly.

In my dream, after I became one of the anointed ones, I had to go stand with the other 11 on this round metal plate on the space ship that was marked with our names. I was number 6. And when all of us were standing on our names, then the spaceship could move. Most everyone else fell off the round metal plate when we actually took off, but I was super-intergalactic princess and helped them all hang on.

The first place we stopped when our riverboat space ship docked was this place where everyone was so humble they thought we wouldn't ever talk to them, but then we did. We shared food, and they worshipped us for being good intergalactic river royalty. We made them happy by gracing them with our presence, and I felt good about myself. I was such a cool intergalactic princess. Apparently a nice stuck-up one, too. :)

Then I woke up, thought, "Damn, that was a fun dream," and promptly went back to sleep where I was once again an intergalactic princess. Except this time I was in a line to get my alien husband. (Somehow in my dream it made sense that I had to have one, and Mr. Honey understood and didn't mind.) The people in front of me cheated and didn't fill out the right paperwork to actually be married, but I was paired with Stitch (the blue alien dude from Lilo and Stitch), so I was okay with it. And then we had a fight, and Stitch got sent to the isolated part of the ship. Probably because he made an intergalactic princess mad. But while he was in isolation, he was building a new army to help him break out of isolation and do good for all mankind. Probably without being a snot.

That's about when I woke up for real, got up for the day, did the showering/breakfast/Sunday morning church thing, and then went out to brunch with some friends. And this is where the exploding nose comes into play.

I was about half a mile from home after breakfast when this darn cold of mine kicked in again. I felt the tickle in my nose, braced myself, and sneezed. But really, saying my nose exploded is a more appropriate explanation of what happened. And wouldn't you know it, I didn't have a single tissue anywhere within reach in my car. If cars ran on snot, I could've produced a year's supply since Tuesday.

I was almost home, just a block away, when I passed my neighbor Becky out walking. And she saw me holding a hand up to my nose in a rather awkward position, as I was holding my nose gunk in my hand while it continued to sprinkle down out my nose and off my face. And all I could do was blush, because I needed one hand to drive and the other to keep me clean. I was so close to getting home with no witnesses, too.

So, in a matter of 3 hours, I went from intergalactic princess to snot girl. What a day. And it's not even Monday yet. :)

Have a great week!

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Confessions of a Cocker Spaniel

I'm ba-ack! Did you miss me?

I would've been back sooner except for a deadline at work that got bumped up two weeks because of a one-week conference that I'm suddenly attending in a week, plus I didn't hardly get online at all while I was visiting with my family, and then I got a head cold and have felt basically whiney and stuffed up even though it's a mild cold. I only lost sleep one night, my eardrums didn't explode on the plane, and I've lost a bit of my appetite because of some of the side effects, so all in all it's far from the worst sickness I've ever endured.

But that's not my point today. (I've said that before, haven't I?)

While I was gone, I got 20 inches cut off my hair. (Pictures will follow soon on my alter ego's blog - you know where to look.) Well, probably a little more than that, because I sent 20 inches to Locks of Love, and I had a little more trimmed off after we cut off the 20 inches so I could even it out and take it up to my shoulders. I thought about getting it layered, because my hair is very thick and curly and looks very, very poofy when it's short, but it's been five years since I've had it anywhere near this short, and I wasn't feeling particularly brave to try a new hairstyle along with cutting over 2/3 of my hair off. (By the way, my 20 inches of thick hair only weighed 5 ounces. My head and neck swear it was more than that.)

But I should've gotten it layered. Because layering thick curly hair makes it lay down. My hair does not lay down. Instead, it fluffs up along the side of my head and makes me look like I have cocker spaniel ears. I don't have anything against cocker spaniels, for the record. My first dog (that I can remember, aside from the crazy Irish Setter named Katie that I don't remember that would run at me full steam when I was learning to walk while I screamed bloody murder because the dog was going to run me over and then it would stop right in front of me, apparently much to my parents' amusement) was a cocker spaniel named Daisy. And I liked Daisy, but she liked my sister more than me. Not mini-me, the other sister. Mini-me never got to meet Daisy. But speaking of mini-me, she is so much like me that it's hysterical. My parents are reliving my childhood and teenage years and I don't have to. Ha-ha, Mom and Dad!

But back to the cocker spaniel thing. Since I look like a dog with my new haircut, my personality Isabel has decided she'd rather be known as Daisy. She says that's what I would've named her in the first place if I'd realized she always wore her hair this way. *sigh* Live and learn.

On a (personal) side note, I had the best leg shave of my life today. Instead of shaving cream/gel, I used Bath & Body Works skin-refining body scrub with sea salts. Amazing.

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Friday, June 02, 2006


Last night held a very tragic moment in my life. I hesitate to share it with you all, because I've literally never been so close to tossing my cookies because of something I found on my driveway, but it's too odd and unusual to keep to myself.

I got home from work at my normal time and went about my normal business, along with doing some extra laundry to prep for long weekend trips that Mr. Honey and I are both taking this weekend. (BTW, I'll be out of pocket until next Wednesday, but might find a few things I have to share before I get back.) Since it was trash day, I headed down to the curb and lugged our trash can back to its storage location behind the carport. Then I went about my business tending and talking to my flowers. It's been rather hot with a severe lack of rain in the area lately, so they needed some extra loving. I was squatting on the ground, inspecting my gardenias, and my legs were getting sore. So, I stood up, stretched a little, and turned to head back into the house.

And that's when I saw it.

A flat frog.

A dead flat frog.

If frogs were hollow, it wouldn't have been a big deal. But frogs are not hollow. And the mess on my driveway literally sent my stomach lurching.

Mr. Honey got home 15 minutes later (he'd returned in his car a while before that and then gone back out on his bike). I gave him a pouty face, and he said, "What's wrong?"

So I told him there was a dead frog on our driveway. I kinda pointed in its general direction without looking. He wandered outside, came back a minute later, and said, "Guess I got him good with the car. So when are you going to clean it up?"

Shrieking ensued, naturally.

Expecting such a reaction, Mr. Honey snickered, and then proceeded to take care of it. Thank goodness.

It wouldn't have been as bad if I hadn't known the frog. But I suspect he's lived in our garden hose for three years now. At least now I know he's in frog heaven. Hopefully he's feasting on the horse flies that we've been sending his way.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

This has gotta be good

Mr. Honey sent me this link:

I think I must listen to this podio book. How can I not, with a description that includes a heroine who must "kill the man who loves her... Because he's an idiot"?

I don't think there's any more to be said about this. Thank you.

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