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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Brain palpitations

Sunday afternoon, Mr. Honey took me to the new Greek restaurant in town for lunch. You know what that means? Baklava. Although no baklava will ever be better, in my opinion, than the baklava at the Hip Pocket Deli in Pensacola, FL, this baklava was pretty darn good. I was a bit disappointed when I found out the special chocolate-walnut-almond baklava was gone, but that's just an excuse to go back later.

After Mr. Honey ate wa-ay too much food, and I ate just enough, we got four pieces of baklava. And after sharing all four pieces, I looked at Mr. Honey and said, "I think my brain has the sugar jitters."

Seriously, talk about a sugar buzz! There was so much sugar in that baklava, it makes old-fashioned southern sweet tea seem bitter. Chocolate tastes bland. All those fresh, sweet peaches I canned Sunday might as well have been potatoes. I've never had sugar zing my brain like that before. It was fun. Especially once we got in the car to finish running our errands. I had this strange sensation that Mr. Honey had put the car in gear before I even got in it! Oh, no, wait, he actually did that. He told me he was going to leave without me, and he tried to (joking, of course). But with the brain buzz he had going on from the over-sugared baklava, he failed to anticipate my lightning-quick reflexes. That's what all the sugar-training I've done all my life was for. Now he's regretting that lack of a sweet tooth he has. If he'd been training all his life like me, he really could've left me in the dust back at that Greek restaurant. Good thing he didn't, though. He would've had to go to the other Greek restaurant for all his baklava needs. Oh, no, wait. We live in podunk-ville. There isn't another greek restaurant. Smart man, that Mr. Honey.

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