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Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Value of Anonymity

This may sound ironic, coming from someone who doesn't confess to her real name on this blog, but some anonymous commenters on various other blogs irritate me. My alter ego just disabled anonymous comments on her blog when some Mr./Ms. "Rain On Your Parade" Anonymous chose to repeatedly leave comments, but not a real identity, or even a name, disparaging something my alter ego chose to do recently, because of this Anonymous's animosity towards the organization my alter ego chose to "associate" with. Even got high and mighty with, "I see you deleted my last anonymous comment. Too bad. They really are a bad organization. Go here to see for yourself." Oooh, they so told me. I bet they stuck their thumbs in their ears, wagged their fingers, and stuck out their tongue while they did it, too.

Here's my question: why do people anonymously leave negative comments? If you're cold-hearted/mean-spirited/envious/snarky/disrespectful enough to write it, why not sign it? My alter ego's point in posting what she did wasn't to say, "Hey, look, I'm a good person," it was to showcase a related event in her life. And now someone without the balls to even sign their name has attempted to taint that event. For what point? To prove that the anonymouses of the world know better than those of us with an identity?

Sure, I may be "anonymous" myself, but at least I'm willing to showcase in my blog here who I am by sharing events and feelings in my life, to let you decide for yourself what kind of person I am, whether you like me or not. I'm anonymous in name only. I'm not anonymous in spirit.

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