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Thursday, October 25, 2007


It's been a while, so I should've seen it coming. I got tagged by Lucy to say 8 unique/interesting things about myself, so here goes nothing.

1. My DNA and fingerprints and retinas are totally and completely unique from everyone else... just like everyone else. (Thanks, Mr. Honey!)

2. My mouth is the only location on my body I've ever had surgery. I've made up for lack of locations with the quantity of times I've opened wide for a scalpel.

3. I don't like to eat cold apples. I much prefer them at room temperature.

4. The doctor and I can't agree on a specific day that baby Honey is due. By my advanced calculations, he should arrive March 25. The sonogram said March 26. By the doctor's formula, it's March 30, but the doctor doesn't take Leap Year into account, so I say it should be March 29. All this, of course, doesn't mean a hill of beans, since Baby Honey will arrive whenever he thinks it's his due date, and since he can't tell me that at this point, nor will he probably understand the concept of calendar dates for several years to come, the entire argument is moot. But I still like to think about it. So, Baby Honey is due March 25, 26, 29, and 30, though we're all hoping I'm not in labor on all of those days.

5. In order to motivate myself to work on the re-writes and edits of my latest story, I decorated my office with peel-n-stick pirates. (It's seriously cool.)

6. For the first collage I ever did, last month at the Moonlight and Magnolias conference, I turned Tony Bennett into a pirate.

7. I am a sock whore, and all my favorite goofy socks have descriptive names. Fuzzy socks, smiley face socks, cookie monster socks, orgasmic socks, etc.

8. My dreams have gotten more normal since I've been pregnant. Or if not more normal, they haven't gotten any weirder. Too bad, really. I enjoy those superhero dreams!

I'm not tagging anyone, because like Kristen, Lucy already tagged most of the people I know and visit on a regular basis. Hehehe!

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