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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Accountability, Day 5

Today is the last day of my week-long experiment to see if I actually get more work done when I stick to a schedule. I think my results so far have made the answer pretty obvious, but I'll still post today's schedule and results, just in case you're not tired of it yet. I'll do a final wrap-up over at the Deadline Divas tomorrow.

7:30 - Get up, get going. Overslept! Mental note: consider setting alarm.
9:00 - Start writing
12:00 - Break for lunch (for the record, had a short break earlier to grab my morning snack, but I did research the whole time I was eating)
1:00 - Back to writing
2:15 - Leg stretch break
2:30 - Writing some more
3:10 - Phone call (Would've let voicemail get it, but it was someone who doesn't usually call, and curiosity won out)
3:25 - Back to writing
4:00 - Stop for the day. Halloween's tonight in my neighborhood, so I need to get ready early.

Total words for the day: 5700, just shy of 23 pages
Total hours spent writing: 5.5

Still keeping my 1,000 words/hour page count. Not bad. I'll have to keep this up.

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