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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Out of Breath

Today's a great day. :) Summer weather is rolling in, which means *fingers crossed* we'll start getting afternoon thunderstorms soon. The mini rose bush Mr. Honey gave me for my office a couple weeks ago is sprouting new leaves. We're packing tonight for a trip to the beach this weekend. And it's a 4-day weekend too. Life is good.

Now, onto my point today. Yesterday I sat in a meeting that entailed a presentation on the upgrades to a system I use at work. No kidding, the guy giving the presentation talked for a straight 150 minutes. That's two and a half hours. And I suspect he could've talked longer, had he been training us on the entire system, not just the upgraded parts. That's a lot of talking. A ton of knowledge about a single database program. So I started thinking about what I know enough about to talk about it for over two hours straight. And I couldn't come up with anything.

Is it a personality thing, or is it a knowledge thing? Do some people just go into more detail about things than I would in the same situation? Say you have a box sitting on the table that you want to tell someone about. Do you say, "Hey, there's a box on the table, go take a look," or do you go into a lot of detail? "Tommy put this box on the table when he got in from walking the dog this morning. He said the neighborlady was out watering her roses and told him to wait while she went inside to get it. Then it took her a lot longer than he expected, so he was afraid he'd miss the bus for school, but she finally made it out on time and gave it to him. He said it's not too heavy but she was adamant that he be careful with it. Now, since Sue called last night and told me the neighbor had the box for us, I know all that's in it is a bunch of old pictures, but it was good of Tommy to be careful with it anyway. I'm glad the dog didn't get too excited about the neighbor lady though. You know how he is sometimes. Anyway, when you get a chance, take a look through the box. We need to sort the pictures and divide them up among everyone who was at the picnic last week. When you're done, move it into the office so it's out of the way when I make dinner tonight. I'll go through the pictures you weren't sure of and decide what to do wtih them. Maybe Sue and I will get together for a scrapbook party, yada yada yada..." Jeez, some people can talk. Okay, so maybe I could talk for hours on end, given the right subject.

But then there's the second problem, which is that I talk fast. So even if someone else could drone on for hours about something, that doesn't mean it would take me that long to relay the whole entire message.

So anyway, that's my thought for the day. People talk different. Profound, eh? Bet you're glad you read to the end for that astonishing revelation.

In other news, I had a dream last night that I was crouching in a bathtub, hiding from someone, but I can't remember from who. And I think I had a magical flying book that could sometimes fly me into other parts of the house, but not when I was hiding in the bathtub. And I forgot my dream book at home, so I have no idea what it means. Anybody want to make something up about it?

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