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Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving in Review

Mr. Honey and I got home yesterday afternoon from our long weekend trip to see family. Among the highlights:

One of my mom's plants attacked me in the dark the night we arrived. I put the evil eye on it, and it left me alone the rest of the trip.

We ate too much Thanksgiving dinner - especially Mr. Honey.

I shopped from 6AM until 4PM on Friday. Walked away with a new dress (60% off), a white elephant gift exchange gift for Mr. Honey's Christmas party (hehehe), the movie Cars, 2 new cookie cutters (mitten and candy cane), a new wallet for Mr. Honey (66% off), and a pasta maker attachment for my Kitchenaid mixer as a Christmas gift from Mom and Dad.

Had a great steak dinner followed by Cold Stone (not Stone Cold, Mom) ice cream Friday night.

Was so tired I cried in joy at the sight of Crunch Berries cereal Saturday morning. Then cried all over again when Dad offered to make pancakes for Mini-me's friend who had spent the night, but not for me. (Seriously - I get emotional when I'm tired. My family thinks it's hysterical. I think it's funny, but dealing with a clogged nose prevents me from thinking it's full-up hysterical.)

Played Killer Bunnies with the family. (Dad insisted - he said any game with a name like Killer Bunnies was worth playing at least once. Then he won.)

All said and done, Mr. Honey and I spent about 30 hours on the road. We went to bed at 8 last night. And we're not even 30 yet!!

Hope everybody else had a great Thanksgiving!

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