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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bear-y Scary

I had the most horrifying dream this morning.

Mr. Honey and I had gone to visit my parents for Thanksgiving, and my sister showed up. With two baby bears.

This alone freaked me out. Did she not understand that bears are wild animals? Baby or not, I'm not interested in being in a house where two baby black bears were kept as pets. And she totally didn't understand why I was freaking out.

So she brought home a grizzly bear.
Just like this one.

And I went beyond freaked out. I'm surprised I didn't scream and wake Mr. Honey. I was sure that bear was going to eat me.

A quick dream search this morning tells me this dream means I'm in need of a vacation. That's the shorthand version, anyway.

Have you had any interesting dreams lately?

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