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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Seven Reasons I'll Need a Publicist

On my walk home from the visit with the muse, I started thinking about tag lines I could use to market myself. I decided I'd share them so you could get a good laugh too.

So, here are the seven reasons I'll have to hire a publicist one of these days:

1. Sweet treats for your funny bone
2. Add a little funny to your Honey
3. Sugar for your lips without the inches to your hips (Somebody want to tell my muse that?)
4. A little Honey for your funny bone
5. Funnies for your sweet tooth
6. Tickle your funny bone with Honey
7. Life Happens... with style (because 'Shit happens with Style' just isn't appropriate.)

Seriously, recommendations for improvement are welcome. Please. :)

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