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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tell me a happy story!

Life's been kinda blah lately. Death, divorce, sickness, stupidity, you name it, it's coming out the woodwork here. So, I'm looking for some happy news, something to smile about. I'll start. Feel free to jump in with your own happy thoughts.

Mr. Honey is a doll. He made me donuts for breakfast Saturday and Sunday.

It's strawberry season. I brought fresh cut strawberries and extra-creamy cool whip to work yesterday and today for a snack. Yummy. It's like heaven in Tupperware.

One of my friends with a new baby got enough sleep last night.

Even though it's kinda cold, we're getting rain these days, which my flowers just love.

Speaking of flowers, my snapdragons are blooming again! I snipped the tops off to get them to bush out, and they're bushing and blooming and flourishing. I love snapdragons. :)

I finished my to-be-shredded stack this morning.

Your turn! What's good in your life today?

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