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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rock the Vote

There's a very important election taking place right now, this very moment.

It's up to you to do your civic duty, to live out your patriotic values, and change the course of pop culture forever. Every vote counts. If we band together, we can all make a difference. Your children's children will be effected by this.

Please don't make me beg. Just go vote.

What if MONOPOLY were developed today? For the first time ever, YOU will help decide the future of the newest MONOPOLY game, hitting shelves everywhere late this summer. MONOPOLY Here & Now Edition is a fresh new spin on America's favorite board game.

From April 24th to May 12th, make your move to and vote to be heard! What are you voting for? We're placing 22 cities and 3 landmarks in nomination to be in the MONOPOLY Here & Now Edition board game. Vote once a day for your favorites.

Those landmarks with the most votes will earn a place on the board. And here's something important to remember: the vote totals will determine where on the board those landmarks will be placed. The top voted city will be honored with the coveted blue property traditionally occupied by Boardwalk.

So vote once each day - and tell all your friends!

This concludes today's public service announcement.

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