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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Heaven in a take-out container

Warning: Gratuitous images of chocolate cake appear below. Scroll down at your own risk. (Jan, this means you. I know about your allergies to non-vegetable brown foods.)

The Side View.
Note the 12-inch ruler alongside the cake. This recovering engineer estimates the cake to be 9 inches tall when standing in formation with other slices of chocolate cake.

The Top View.

Take note of the gooey buttery butterscotch filling between each of the three layers, in addition to the layer of filling upon the top-most layer, beneath the whipped cream frosting.

A full-fledged fudgy/filling view.

Note how the 10-inch-wide container barely contains this marvelous monstrosity of a single slice of chocolate cake.

Now, drink a Dr. Pepper, run around your home/office running into walls and giggling, and you'll very nearly have completed the entire orgasmic chocolate cake experience.

**Warning: Consuming this cake while wearing orgasmic socks could lead to sensory overload. **

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