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Monday, April 10, 2006

Ode to Chocolate Cake

Oh, thick fudgy chocolate cake with your pure sugary filling between three layers, how my lips love you and my hips abhor you.
You come into my house, all sugary sweet fudgy goodness with whipped cream frosting, and offer me a bite of temptation. Can I resist you? Alas, I cannot.
I drive great distances to partake of your buttery butterscotch filling and thick heavy chocolate heaven.
I dream of you at night.
When you have gone the way of the food rental program excrement, I shall mourn you. You have been a good and true and kind friend, offering me pure chocolate sugar bliss whilst you were here, beforest you were eateneth.
I shall carry a reminder of you forever, firmly entrenched in that extra half-inch that just today popped out upon my left buttocks.
Oh, thick fudgy chocolate cake, how complicated our relationship hath become.

Pictures to come later. Of the cake, not the buttocks.

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