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Monday, March 19, 2007

Southern Fried Mr. Honey

Mr. Honey and I were standing in our computer room this morning before work, just looking at our sleeping kittens. Jinx had curled up on my chair, and Saffron was asleep in Mr. Honey's chair. After an interesting night where half the night I couldn't roll over without flinging a kitten across the room, since they were both passed out between my knees, and the other half of the night having weird dreams about killer kitties and dead palmetto bugs, thanks to Saffron's first encounter with the beastly bugs at 2 AM this morning, I was incredibly jealous of the day they obviously had planned.

"They love you so much," Mr. Honey said. And I'd have to agree. Jinx and I have a morning routine of me carrying her around for a few minutes while she purrs and kneads on the inside of my elbow, and Saffron likes to weave around my ankles wherever I go in the house.

"It's so sweet. You're their queen," Mr. Honey continued. Then he sighed deeply, as though resigning himself to his fate of being less-than-the-queen, which we're both actually okay with, because neither of us wants him to dress up in velvet capes and adorn his head with the crown jewels of kittydom. "I'm just their bubba."

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is yet another example of why it's going to be so very good for us to move back north this summer.

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