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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Three Meetings and a Bake Sale

I've been swamped at work this week. 3 big conferences all week, together with the little meeting here and there, and a bake sale to raise funds for Relay for Life, all combined have kept me hopping. I've passed out by 9 at least twice this week, and I've been having the weird dreams again.

Yesterday morning in my dream, I sneezed. Except it wasn't a normal sneeze. My nose had turned into a snot volcano. And it wouldn't stop. I thought I was going to drown. Tissues were no help. I was suffocating. And then I woke up. Thank goodness my nose was normal for real.

The other day, I dreamed Mr. Honey and I were moving to Germany. That was fun, but I don't know German, and I knew I'd be in over my head for a while.

This morning, I dreamed I was going to gym class. Yep, it was a "gone back to school" dream. The gym was in my old dorm room at college. And I was late, and I had a hard time getting the right equipment, and just as I thought I had it all, I realized the person who'd been helping me had really been doing nothing more than sabotaging all my efforts. Such a warm fuzzy feeling, you know?

Yesterday I had another dream that Mr. Honey and I were driving across the country. We got to a town where the hotels were across the river, and I looked down and realized our car had run out of gas. That wasn't freaky, until Mr. Honey commented at lunch yesterday that the low-fuel light had come on in the car on his way home.

So I figure the dreams are all happening because I'm feeling overwhelmed at work this week. I can't imagine why. Really, getting into work at 8 on a Thursday morning, and being told at 8:30 that someone has a complaint against me for not doing my job, is such a happy, comforting feeling. I love knowing that hard as I work, juggling everyone else's schedules and meetings and travel arrangements and keeping the coffee pot filled and managing community service fundraiser, someone feels obligated to tell me I should've checked the entire box of guest badges to make sure each and every one works on each and every door in the building before handing them out. The worst part? There were too many people around to respond with, "Yeah, well I've got a complaint against you, too. You're an asshole." Maybe I'll dream that tonight, and feel all warm and fuzzy again tomorrow.

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