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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Inconsequential, but that's my life

Life hasn't given me a whole lot to blog about these days. Kinda sad, really. I like when out-of-the-ordinary things happen. I pick up on those things. And then I tell you all about them. I guess cleaning the house really *is* that boring.

So, here's the most interesting things I can think of to blog about today.

1. I kept getting my words confused this afternoon. I told Mr. Honey I'd help him unload the store after I stopped by to see a neighbor quick. I meant I'd help unload the groceries out of the car.
Then I told my neighbor we'd gone to Walmart to look at scrappin' tools when I'd really been in Michael's looking for a paper holder.
And then I told someone else I'd done one thing when I meant another thing, etc. etc. It's just how the day went.

2. I discovered there's a need for a 12-step program for people like me. People who went into Kirklands just once, innocently enough, and now find themselves salivating as they get close to the store, and twitching when they pass the store without going in. Maybe there's a Kirklands Anonymous Support Group I can join.

3. I betrayed my sense of proper decorum and helped Mr. Honey put up Christmas decorations today. I'm so proud of him, he didn't hardly cuss at all as the tree went up (or so he tells me). But as he was outside hanging the rope lights that I got on sale 75% off last year, it started raining. He looked at me and said, "I think this is God's way of telling us it's too early to put up Christmas decorations." Sam, I swear, Thanksgiving isn't against our religion, it's just that this year we're combining it with Christmas when Mr. Honey's family comes to town.

So, that's the most exciting things I can think of. Anybody else? Please, help me out here. I'm boring myself to tears. Normal just isn't right.

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