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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Excuse me, Madame Fate, may I have a word?

I want a do-over.

It's not even close to noon yet, and already I want to go back in time and start today over. In the three hours I've been up, I've already stuck my foot in my mouth and helped a co-worker lose a document. I think I broke my office plant while picking off a dead leaf. And have I mentioned just how hungry I am? I absolutely cannot get enough food to eat these days. Mr. Honey thinks it's because my metabolism is catching up to my exercise routine. I'm back to wondering if my muse really is trying to kill me.

I think the stars have aligned to give me a bad day. But since I've identified it as such this early in the morning, I'm going to do everything in my power to turn this to my advantage.

First things first. Today, I will only leave my office for my walk at breaktime, to get my lunch at noon, and for potty breaks.

Second, I will only speak if I have something meaningful and insightful to say. Or something funny and smart-assed (which will probably be taken wrong today, but them's the breaks).

Third, I will smile. Even if only in self-deprecating humor, I will turn that frown upside down. (Holy crap, when did I start channeling that pesky woman from Office Space?!?!)

Fourth, if all else fails, I'll take copious notes and use this later in a novel. Nothing like first-hand research, right?

Anyway, that's how my day's shaping up. How's yours?

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