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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cruise Life vs. Real Life

Mr. Honey and I got back from our incredible vacation in the Caribbean the other day. It was wonderful. But unfortunately it made real life seem sort of sucky.

For instance, when we stopped on the road for lunch, we actually had to wait for a check before we could leave the restaurant. After a week of being offered free desserts every time we turned around, that was rather disappointing.

I asked Mr. Honey if our waitress had a strange accent. He said, "Yeah. American."

The world sort of rocked back and forth for a couple days. Now that everything's standing still again, I'm thinking of drinking heavily to bring the feeling back.

We now have to cook our own meals.

And put the meal on the plates by ourselves. Has anyone seen my garnish? It seems to be missing.

We also have to do our own dishes.

And laundry.

Strangers with cameras don't understand why I keep stopping in front of them and saying, "Cheese!"

They sent me home from work for wearing a bathing suit. Something about not putting on enough sunscreen. I didn't get it.

No matter how hard I try, I can't make an elephant out of my bath towels. Do you think I could hire someone here to do that for me every night?

There's now enough room in my shower to shave my legs. That's a good thing. At least, it is when I shave my legs. (Give me a break, here, it's winter time!)

I'm not sure if the toilet is actually flushing because it's so quiet. Man, you wouldn't believe the WHHOOO-OOOOSH! those vacuum toilets make.

Oh, yes. Now I have to manually flush the toilet. Good thing, because I'm automatic toilet deficient. No matter how many different ways I'd stand in front of the darn thing, it just wouldn't flush when it was supposed to.

And while we're on the topic of toilets... I'm actually sorta glad to not be hearing the ocean so much anymore. We all know what the sound of water can do...

And the worst of all - now I have to go back to work so I can afford to do it again. :)

Happy Sails to all of you!


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