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Friday, January 27, 2006

Introducing the "Why?" Chronicles

The Witch has retreated back to her corner, but Honey's got a few things to say today. Okay, one thing, really.

Have you ever watched somebody do something, or looked at a gadget, or a widely accepted practice (cheeseheads?), and wondered why? Well, I do from time to time. So, I'd like to share with you my observation of why? from this morning's drive to work.

Why do people tailgate? What's the point? Does it get you where you're going any faster? Looked to me like the guy who was right on my tail as I left my neighborhood got stopped by the same stoplight I did after he passed me. Looked like he didn't get any further ahead in the rat race of life for following me at 2 feet instead of a car length or two. What if a squirrel had darted out in front of me? Hello, I'm a girl. I get jumpy when little furry things (or feathered things, for that matter) jump in front of my car. Leads to reactions such as, oh, I dunno, braking?!?! What if a little girl had jumped out in front of my path and I'd slammed on my brakes? Would that guy have time to react, to stop before slamming into the back end of my car and causing me to run over that poor little girl? Or what if he'd skidded around me and hit the little girl himself? Then we got from the simple little task of trying to get somewhere faster to a funeral. How's that for fun?

I know, I know, I'm just a glowing happy person with my little prophecy of doom this morning. But, really, how's your blood pressure when you're riding someone's ass? How's your disposition when you finally get where you're going? Did that 30 seconds make a big difference in making your day more productive? Or did you spend five minutes when you got where you're going bitching about that damn slowpoke in front of you on your way out of the neighborhood? Point is, I'm not intimidated by bright headlights right in my rearview mirror. You hit me when I'm going the speed limit, it's not gonna be me paying the ticket and repair charges. Won't be my insurance going up.

And that's today's why?

Hopefully next time I'll be funny. :) Anybody know which of my personalities is the preacher?

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