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Monday, August 21, 2006

Historical Girl

I'm about 70 pages shy of being done with the book I'm currently reading, "To Love a Thief" by Julie Ann Long. Back when I was just 70 pages into it, I'd already decided I had to get my hands on her other book. I'm loving this story. It has such a smart, strong heroine, and she's perfectly matched wits with the hero. I sat in my papasan chair in my dining room and read half the day, cackling like a madwoman at the banter between the two characters. It's such a fun read. I'd give anything to be at home right now, finishing this book and ordering her other one off Amazon. Remind me again why we have to have Mondays?

This book is a historical, as was the last book I read. I think historicals are my new favorite genre. I'm looking forward to grabbing a couple more Woodiwiss books, and maybe trying a Georgette Heyer one of these days, too. While I don't really consider myself a feminist in the feminazi tradition, I do love a good story where the heroine refuses to just take her place in society and acts like a real person with thoughts and ideas of her own instead. Growing up, I loved Little House on the Prairie and the Anne of Green Gables series before I moved on to Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden. I wonder if my reading tastes just go through phases. At any rate, I'll be combing through all my new books when I'm done with this one, looking for the next historical to jump into.

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