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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mr. Honey's Bad Day

Poor Mr. Honey. He had a rough day yesterday. He needs some cheering up.

I thought I had it bad when I got home and found a dead chipmunk in our driveway. Little did I know, Mr. Honey had it worse. Poor Mr. Honey was there when the chipmunk died. And he felt really bad about it. So we mourned the chipmunk last night, but there's not much more we can do. We can't bring it back. Can you imagine? It would be like Night of the Living Chipmunk. Undead and Unchipmunked. The Chipmunk who Haunts Me. Chipmunkula.

Oops, sorry, got off track there. The point is to cheer Mr. Honey up. So today I ask that you share a joke, a funny story, a good link, in the comment section. Dirty jokes (a boy fell in a mud puddle), clean jokes (he took a bath), anything. Thanks! :)

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