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Monday, August 14, 2006

Back to Normal

Normal as it gets around here, anyway.

The family left yesterday afternoon for their 14-hour trip home. They're doing it the smart way this time, split up into two days instead of a marathon one-day drive.

Some highlights of their visit:
Mini-me thinks it's fun to poke me in the side and watch me squeal like a pig. When Mr. Honey learned of this new favorite game, he demonstrated on me in front of her what to do the next time she poked me. She stood there giggling like, well, like me, while Mr. Honey grabbed my wrist, twisted my arm, bent my body in half and left my head dangling close to the ground while I shouted, "Uncle, uncle," leaving me to wonder how it was that she got to enjoy both poking me and watching Mr. Honey demonstrate Tae-Sool-Jujitsu on me.

I discovered those puppy pictures Mom sent while torturing me last week weren't the real puppies. They were just random internet search puppies. Maybe next week I'll send her random baby pictures from the internet and tell her they're her grandchildren that she'll never get to meet because she's the devil.

Dyslexi-speak struck again, this time in the middle of a story about a tub of lard. Take note: in addition to toin cosses (coin tosses), we now need a Honey's dictionary entry for blushing gud (gushing blood) and tard of lub (tub of lard).

When Grandma loses her hearing aid, check and make sure it's not in her ear before searching the garbage piece by piece. (I learned this courtesy of Mini-me, who dug through my garbage while I was at work Friday morning.)

In order to make diet coke and mentos explode correctly, it's important to have the proper device to drop the mentos into the diet coke. Use fresh diet coke. Let someone else drop the mentos into the bottle.

If you go to Stone Cold Creamery in the midst of a drought, it will rain, but only on Stone Cold Creamery, and only while you're inside the building. This makes a serious case for opening a Cold Stone Creamery in my back yard. Either that, or I need to learn better how to harness my powers of weather control.

I'm sure I learned other lessons over the course of the weekend, but I'm too busy recovering from it to remember what those lessons might be.

Happy Monday!

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