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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Such a Sneak

The people I work with don't know I went to the RWA conference last week. The ones that asked where I went, or how my vacation was, were told that I spent a lovely extended weekend with my girlfriends in Atlanta.

I won't even go into detail and fess up to the fact that all of the girlfriends I met are online friends that I had never met in person. Nor have I mentioned that Mr. Honey was also off on a trip of his own, attending the wedding of a friend of ours from back home. I'd hate for everyone to get the wrong idea, since the last person in my company who took vacation while her husband was out of town to meet up with an online friend actually ended up having a wild uninhibited week with the man she was seeing on the side.

The fun part is that I can't help but smiling all day long. Everyone thinks I've got a secret. And I do. It's just not what they think. I don't know what they think I'm smiling about, but I'm sure it's one of the following three things:
1. They think I got a new job and I'm just waiting to drop the bomb at the most inopportune time. (Er, not so much, though that does sound appealing from time to time)
2. They think I checked into a mental hospital to take care of the perpetual case of the Mondays that I developed back in mid-May. (Again, not so much, though time with the mini office voodoo doll courtesy of Kristen could probably be considered therapy)
3. They're on to me, and they know I'm just smiling to see how many people I can trick into thinking that I have a secret.

What's my real secret? That I finally found a place where I belonged, even if it only happens five days out of the year. But the better news is that there are regional writers conferences going on all the time. I don't have to wait until next year's National conference to get together with a bunch of writers again. We Alphabet Girls are even trying to plan a writing retreat. If it wasn't for random trips out of the country and those pesky holidays that take up the last two months of the year (plus January, when everyone's paying the bills from the holidays)... But anyway, thanks to a very therapeutic weekend, I'm still feeling like myself, rather than feeling like a deranged sociopath with homicidal feelings about the copy machine, despite working 4 days already this week. :) And that's not a secret.

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