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Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday Randomness

As a result of our 4th of July trip down to Florida, Mr. Honey and I were introduced to Greg the Bunny. And through the magic of NetFlix, we're now reliving the hilarious episodes as fast as we can get the discs. The whole concept is pretty funny - it's like Real World-Sesame Street for adults.

Also as a result of that same trip, I continue to have dreams about the Pirates game. Last night I sailed into a port and got attacked by the most notorious pirate. Then he told me he was getting tired of the game. We sailed away somehow. It was weird, but I could clearly see the map as it displays in the game.

And on a random note, a black hairy spider in the shower scared the bejeebers out of me this morning. This very same thing happened to me back in March, too, but I handled it a bit differently back then. This time, I decided that as long as the spider didn't bother me, I wouldn't bother it. And it worked well, until the stupid thing fell off the shower curtain halfway through my shower. So I screamed like a girl while throwing water on it to wash it down the drain. Mr. Honey came running like a good Mr. Honey does, peeked in the shower to make sure the big old mean spider was gone, because I didn't have my contacts in and couldn't see anything more than a big black blog getting swallowed by a big white blob, which I assumed to mean that the spider had disappeared in the mass of bubbles by the drain. Mr. Honey kinda scoffed, "It's okay, you drowned it now," and went about his business. So I hurried up and finished my shower as fast as humanly possible to get away from the spider germs. Icky.

Here's hoping your Friday started better than mine. :)

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