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Friday, July 21, 2006

Short break...

This afternoon, I'm leaving to hang out with one of the Alphabet Girls in Savannah for the weekend, and then next week I'm meeting a few more in Atlanta for RWA's National Conference. It's been a bit of a rough two weeks on this front, so I'm thrilled to have some "vacation" coming up. But it'll be quiet in the blog for a while. If I'm not completely overwhelmed by the Nationals experience, you can find something new for sure around the first of August. If I am overwhelmed, you'll probably still find something here, but I can't guarantee it won't be gibberish. Hmmm... I wonder if babelfish has a gibberish translator? I think I'll go look and see.

Here's a quick story for you, just so you don't feel cheated. My baby sister, affectionately called "Mini-me" here, has a myspace page. So my alter ego signed up for a myspace account so I could be her "friend" and see what she's got going on in her world. Wouldn't you know it, she picked a very unique screen name. She goes by "Yourself". So when she invited me to be her friend, my email told me, "Yourself has invited you to be her friend!" And now I'm getting emails that say, "Yourself has left you a comment on your myspace page!" That's one creative little booger there. *sniff* I'm so proud.

Have a great weekend!

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