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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I Lied

There is something interesting going on in my life. I'm trying to spill water all over myself.

When Mr. Honey was off on Mr. Honey's Grand Adventure while I was in Savannah and the RWA National conference, he snuck into an REI store. While at REI, he picked up a Splash guard, just like the one seen here.

The purpose of a splash guard is to prevent yourself from tipping your Nalgene bottle up too fast, thus causing a waterfall down the front of your shirt. As anyone who's ever met me knows, I have a problem with spilling water all over myself. It's a disease.

This morning, Mr. Honey very sweetly inserted my new splash guard into one of the two Nalgene bottles that I tote to work every morning. The other Nalgene bottle has a straw top, which also eliminates spillage. So, now I have two non-spilling, non-splashing water bottles.

Except when I went to grab the new splash guard protected Nalgene, I realized the splash guard wasn't positioned properly for my normal method of grabbing the bottle. So I did what any rational person would do - I attempted to remove the splash guard and re-insert it so it was facing "The Right Way" when I unscrewed the top of my bottle and took a drink.

Instead of everything working as I'd planned, I managed to push the splash guard INSIDE the full bottle of water. And water splashed all over me.

I still love my splash guard, Mr. Honey. I just think I might need a little training on how to use it.

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