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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Quote of the Week

Mr. Honey and I went to Kentucky to meet up with his family over Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend. We celebrated our Christmas then and had a great time at a pretty little cabin at Barren River State Park. While we were there, the family asked to see pictures from our cruise in December, so Mr. Honey pulled out the laptop and gave everyone a brief rundown of our activities. And then he pulled out The Video.

Mr. Honey shot the video using my new camera, enclosed in a fancy custom-made underwater case. That day, our ship was calling on Charlotte Amelie, St. Thomas, USVI. As pre-arranged, once our ship was docked and we'd passed through customs, Mr. Honey and I hopped into a cab and rode over to Red Hook, where we met up with Captain Pat.

Captain Pat owns a sailboat, the Ike Witt, and we'd booked a day to go sailing with him along with our Australian friends. (Side note: we met our Australian friends on our first cruise a year ago, and then discovered around Thanksgiving time that by sheer coincidence, we were all going to be together again on our latest cruise. We're all the same age, have similar hobbies, and do basically the same things at work. And we had an absolutely fabulous time hanging out with them, both the first and second cruises. How cool is that?!?!)

So we met Captain Pat, and our Australian friends joined us a few minutes later (they had to go through "foreigner" customs while Mr. Honey and I went through "American" customs), and we got going. We sailed around Pillsbury sound, and then Captain Pat took us in to anchor at Honeymoon Beach on St. John just as every other sailboat was packing up to sail to other beaches or around the sound as we'd already done. In short, we had the entire beach almost to ourselves, just the four of us. We didn't take advantage of the beach, though, because the snorkling was fabulous. And that's where Mr. Honey took The Video.

As Mr. Honey said to his sister just after she watched the video, "I made you watch octopus porn." Seriously, how much better does it get than seeing two octopi mating in the wild, when most people are lucky if they even get to see an octopus at all?

Ready for this week's quote?
"But I just said it!"
Who said it, and in what context?

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