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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Silly Boys

A couple weeks ago, my friend Ellen blogged about who she'd find attractive if she were a man, and she asked her DH who he'd find attractive, too. Now, we women didn't have a problem 'fessing up to what hot chicks we'd be into were we male. But the guys were all suspicious. Where we trying to test their manhood? *gasp* Give him a beer, then another, and another for good measure, and then he'll answer. ;)

So yesterday it came up again. I was talking to my friend Kait about Mr. Honey's reaction to her yummy Thursday guy. Mr. Honey's exact words were, "Holy shit, what are you doing looking at that guy? I can't believe you're looking at him. I have to turn around. This is just too much. Hello, that guy's half-naked!"
Er, not really. Of course he didn't say all that. He said it in a man-way: *grunt* "Ugh. I can't comment on that."

So, Kait and I were talking. And we agreed women look at it all different. What do women do when they see a picture of a hot woman? They look closer for the airbrushing. Classic example: Victoria's Secret. Those models are either airbrushed, or else Vicoria found all twenty models of the world who have no nipples.

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