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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cross-eyed Naked Cruising

A week ago, my dreams were about James Bond and flying. This week, they're about boats, ships, sailing, and being naked.

Yesterday I had a dream that I was living on a cruise ship. I think it's one of the Carnival ones currently being used in New Orleans for Katrina relief efforts. I know this because I was some kind of welder or something and I had to do some work on a ship dock. I think there were bad people involved, but I can't recall now.

This morning, Mr. Honey and I were returning into the port of Miami on a cruise ship. I had just taken a shower and I was naked. Everyone was walking around. I couldn't get my bra on because the straps had shrunk and it wouldn't reach around my whole body. I think I had this dream because my friend Jan blogged about body image yesterday. (p.s. Jan, I swear I'm gonna put a regular link to your page up here one of these days...)

Then I got up this morning and reached for my new set of contacts. I popped 'em in my eyes. And the world was blurry. So I popped 'em out, switched 'em (yeah, I know my right from my left at 6:30 AM), and now I can see again.

And Mr. Honey thinks I'm weird. Go figure.

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