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Monday, May 14, 2007

Split down the middle

Mr. Honey and I were sitting in the living room Saturday afternoon while the kittens ran around like they'd been dipping their paws into the catnip again. He was playing Pirates and I was dutifully watching and doing some back-seat navigation for him (Go to that island next! Get your next quest before you talk to the governor! Ooh, she's hot - dance with her and she'll give you a gift!).

So Mr. Honey's in the middle of a sea battle with another ship, probably Spanish since it's just so darn easy to pick on the Spanish in Pirates, when we heard this horrific CLINK!! in the kitchen/dining room area. "Your cats did it," Mr. Honey said without taking his eyes off the screen.

I pulled myself up off the couch to go investigate, and what did I find? The cats had actually broken one of their food bowls. It had split cleanly in two, right down the center. The hard surface that they slammed the bowl into to cause it to break? That would be their water bowl, which is just fine, aside from the fact that all the water sloshed out of the water bowl and coated the food and broken bowl.

"Your cats broke their food bowl," I called to Mr. Honey.

So I cleaned it all up and made the mistake of throwing it in the trash, but not taking it outside. Four hours later, I walked into the kitchen and thought the cats had pooped on the floor. Nope, turns out the smell was just cuz their food smells bad when it festers in water in the trash. Eeew.

Have your animals ever broken their food bowls before?

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